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Gadwal Sarees

Gadwal Sarees Gadwal sarees are the famous sarees woven in a small town by the name of Gadwal in Andhra Pradesh. The Gadwal sarees are made in a style influenced by the Banarasi weaves. These sarees are known for their distinctive cotton base with heavy silk border and pallu. The sari has a handwoven authenticity, demonstrating a fine combination of ethnicity with modern designs. Gadwal sarees with lavish design in pallu make them beautiful and rich looking sarees befitting for any festive celebration.

Fabrics in Gadwal Saree

Gadwal saree is made in fine cotton. While the base of the saree is cotton, there is a loosely attached silk border. The borders and the pallu of the saree is made of tussar silk or mulberry silk. This fabulous combination of silk and cotton has made the saree more unique and attractive.

Colours available in Gadwal Sarees

Traditional colours for these sarees are earth shades of browns, greys and off-whites. However, brighter shades have been introduced for the North Indian buyers. Nowadays, you will find Gadwal saris in an wide assortment of colors and shades in modern trends and styles.

Gadwal Saree
Gadwal Saree

The Process of Making Gadwal Sarees

The most distinctive aspect of the Gadwal saree (and the one most difficult to do) is where the silk pallu is joined to the cotton body - this is called 'doing the kechchu' - back-breaking work that involves long hours of work and is invariably done by women.

Designs in Gadwal Sarees

The silk cotton mix look in the Gadwal saree give the saree its unique charm and elegance. Copper or gold-dipped zari is generally used in these sarees. The brocaded designs woven into the Gadwal sareesss represent south Indian cultural patterns. The motifs of the murrugan (peacock) and the rudraksh are popular. There can be mango design buttis all over body enriched by a dark contrast colour pallu having intricate geometric pattern zari design and rich zari work border too. The lighter motifs are designed and woven on the cotton base and the more colourful and distinct ones are intricately carved on the border. There can also be self stripe design in body with zari buttis all over enriched by a printed pattern work. Floral designer zari buttis and zigzag pattern zari work all over body are also popular.

There are pure silk Gadwal sarees as well. These srees are not woven in a combination of cotton and silk, rather the whole saree is made of pure silk. But these Gadwal pure silk saris fail to capture the essential simplicity and richness of a typical Gadwal saree made in cotton with silk borders.

The beautiful outlook of Gadwal sarees has led to the immense popularity of the textile not only in Andhra Pradesh but also in other regions. These sarees are greatly fascinated by the women of India and buyers from foreign countries have also shown a tremendous fascination for Gadwal sarees.

Gadwal Saree Collection

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