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The saree is draped over a long skirt, also know by the term "Petticoat". It is also known as saaya. The Saree Petticoat is a must when wearing a sari and is the key to the overall shape of the saree.

The Petticoat is worn just above or below the bellybutton and functions as a support garment to hold the saree. The petticoat must be ankle length, and threaded at the top with elastic or a thin cotton tape to tie it around the waist comfortably. Saree Petticoats usually match the color of the saree.

Types of Petticoat
A petticoat can be of various type depending on the occasion such as:

Satin Petticoat
Satin petticoats are generally worn under semi-formal or formal sarees. They are made from glossy satin fabric hence give a slight sheen when worn under transparent sarees.

Cotton Petticoat
The most common fabric for petticoat is cotton material since it is lightweight, easy to wear, durable and machine washable. They are for regular use. Cotton patticoats can be worn with all types of sarees of all fabrics and hence the most preferred ones.

Cotton Petticoat with all over embroidery
These petticoats are made in cotton blended fabrics. They have light embroidery all over in self tones. They can be worn under any kind of sarees, and give an added style enhance when worn under a transparent saree. These embroideries lend a touch of class to the inner garment.

Petticoat with frill or lace
There are some petticoats with frills or a lace at the bottom. Fabric can be cotton or satin or polyester.

Custom made Petticoat
Petticoats can be also custom made or tailored according to any colour, size and length as per customer's specifications.
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