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Why Silk Bridal Lehengas are Liked by All?

Some Facts about the Royal Bridal Fabric and Its Selection!
Silk Bridal Lehenga Bridal fashion remains incomplete without the royal touch of the sensuous fabric in the form of silk lehengas. Not only the brides of North India adore these lehengas as their bridal dress but the brides from other parts of India as well as from rest of the world love to get bridal lehenga choli for their big day. Silk lehenga are perhaps the most sought after Indian bridal wear. Most of the brides love silk as their bridal fabric due to its matchless elegance! There are some other reasons too for liking silk bridal lehengas.

Advantages of Silk Fabric for Making Bridal Lehenga

First of all silk is the most luxurious and sensuous fabric- perfect for the royal and lavish Indian weddings.
  • A silk lehenga has luster and shine.
  • It is a natural fabric besides being comfortable and durable.
  • Silk is a weather friendly fabric- it feels cool in summers and warm in winters- thanks to its quality of being an absorbent fabric.
  • The most important factor, perhaps, is the graceful and easy sensual drape of silk wedding lehengas. The flowing ghagra and dupatta with designer cholis look great on brides.
  • Silk is stronger, even more than steel but then also it is so smooth and soft to wear.
  • Due to its highly absorptive nature, silk takes dyes exceptionally well. This is why silk lehengas are exceptionally brilliant and lustrous.

However, there are many contradictory factors too which deter many brides from wearing silk lehengas on their wedding day. These are the disadvantages of silk fabric but with some knowledge and judicious selection, one can always buy silk bridal lehengas of their choice and look all the more beautiful on their wedding day.

Disadvantages of Silk Fabric

Silk LehengaAlthough silk is soft, smooth, lustrous and luxurious fabric, it has certain drawbacks too.
  • Silk is expensive than other fabrics.
  • It even creases more easily
  • Traditional silk is not an eco-friendly fabric. Some people do not like silk due to inhuman harvesting of silk worms for making the silk fibers.
  • Due to the presence of protein chains in the silk fibers, it is not skin friendly for many people. These people are allergic to silk fabric that may cause asthma or allergic rhinitis with symptoms of runny nose and itchy eyes similar to hay fever.
  • Chemicals used for silk finishing may also cause allergic reaction to some people.

How to Select the Right Silk Bridal Lehenga?

In spite of all its disadvantages, Indian brides still love to wear silk lehengas on the occasion of their marriage. So, what to do and how to select the right silk wedding lehenga?

Buy Eco-friendly Natural or Organic Silk

If the brides worry about health risks and non eco friendly nature of silk then consider buying lehengas that are made from organic silk. Buy raw silk, noil silk, Muga silks or Eri silks that are undyed or dyed with low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes. Muga silk of Assam used for making Muga sarees is famous for its glossy fine texture, durability and natural golden amber glow- so perfect for making any bridal wear! The golden hue of muga silk increases with time and washing. It is naturally stain-resistant and is never bleached or dyed with chemicals. As such, it is also skin a friendly fabric.

Buy Lehengas Made of Peace Silk or Vegetarian Silk

Some silk fiber do not kill the silk worm for obtaining silk fibers. They allow the moths to emerge from the cocoon and then salvage the damaged cocoons. Due to humane harvesting of these silk cocoons, this silk is sometimes referred as peace silk or vegetarian silk. The silk fabric produced from such fibers are more warmer and softer because it is spun as a fiber rather than reeled as a thread. This is all the more better if you are getting married in winters. Bridal lehenga choli made of this silk will keep you more warm and comfortable. Eri silk is also spun from the cocoons of domesticated silkworms where the silk caterpillars are not destroyed. It looks like wool mixed with cotton but has the feel and softness of silk.

Buy Lehrngas Made of Silk Fabric Without Finishes

If you want your bridal lehenga to be with you lifelong, buy one that is made from such silk that is not weighted. Weighting can increase the weight of a pound of raw silk manifold but the metals used to weight silk cause it to lose much of its strength and durability if weighting is not done properly. While shopping for silk lehengas, confirm whether the silk is weighted silk or pure-dyed silk. Pure-dyed silk is just colored with dye and not weighted. The metallic salts used to weight silk can also cause health risks and problems for some people.

Buy Easy Care Silk Bridal Lehenga Cholis

Silk Designer LehengaIf, anyway, you are not concerned about the health risks or eco friendly nature of silk but you worry about the maintenance of your bridal lehenga then you can buy wedding lehenga choli made of silk having chemical treatments. The various chemical finishes make silk anti-static, water and oil repellent, flame retardant, mildew resilient, dimensionally stable and give it many other wash-and-wear properties.
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