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Welcome to world of Indian Fashion Clothing. Here you will find the rich treasure of articles on each and every Indian women fashion clothing. Whether you are in search of clothing or fashion tips, buying guides, latest fashion trends, eco friendly indian clothing, bridal trends, tips on what to wear, how to dress or how to drape saree- all your search ends here. Not only will you find articles on Indian and bollywood fashion but also the latest fashion news from Indian fashion industry as well as innovations in Indian Clothing arena.

The Traditional Indian Dresses and Their Beauty!
Today’s Indian fashion industry is taking back the fashion trends of the past once again! Looking precisely, the traditional Indian outfits of the bygone era have started taking the prominence again. Today the fashion world is spending profligately on clothing like the royal Maharajas and Ranis who wore expensive jewelleries and clothes in past.

Make your Summer Wardrobe Sunshine with Color Yellow!
It's summer!! It's perfect time to be leggy lass inside out. No matter how young or stylish thoughts you have it's of no use if you don't let this ooze out of the dresses you put on.

Blouse Back Neck Designs
There are many styles of back neck designs of saree blouses available in the market....

Top 5 Fashionable Indian Women Leaders
24 December, 2010-There are many Indian female politicians who take care to dress up well these days. They are known not only for their service to the nation but also for their style and attitude....

The Changing Patterns of Indian Dresses
29 November, 2010-India has always been associated with culture and tradition, and therefore, the clothing of this great nation bears a mark of its culture. In the past years the symbol of Indian women was a girl wearing a colorful saree and ornaments. But with the winds of change the conservative image of women in India has transformed significantly and it reflects ...

Popular Christmas Dresses for Indian Women
27 November, 2010- With Christmas festival just approaching, it is time to find the right dress for the occasion. Christmas is a festive time when every Christian woman desires to dress herself with beautiful and elegant clothing and fashion accessories...

Indian Fusion Outfits: Gaining Popularity
24 November, 2010- We have seen significant impact of Westernization on Indian Clothing. Indian women of all ages have turned to Western garments like jeans, skirts, tops, T-shirts, suits and there has been growing preference of such...

Ladies Kurti
22 November, 2010- Every woman has a desire to look beautiful. No matter how beautiful you are, you always wish to look all the more beautiful. However, to look beautiful and...

Revolution in Indian Clothing for Size Plus Women
29 October, 2010- For trendy women of today, size hardly matters. Size plus women can now be equally fashionable and stylish. Check out the Indian online shopping stores that caters to Plus size Indian clothing.

Buy Diwali Dresses for Women : Designer Saris, Diwali Shopping
28 October, 2010- Women in saris are greatly seen in diwali. It is very old Indian attire and is extremely loved by women. Women look ravishing wearing it. Many diwali sarees are available in the market.

Diwali Dressing Ideas: Traditional Indian Wears
22 October, 2010- The male brigade of the world says that females just need a minor reason to dress up and they'll make sure that they look their best, no matter how insignificant the occasion is! Though, we are sure that the same male...

Churidar Suits Give Dash To All Figures
20 October, 2010- Churidar suits are one of the basic Indian clothing for women and the shine of India. They are very popular as Indian wear for women due to their great appeal. Silhouette of these suits is so ...

Indian Women Clothing- The Myths!
19 October, 2010- Indian women clothing has been a fascination for not only Indians but worldwide. However, nowadays, it seems Indian woman is slowly distancing herself from the traditional Indian sarees and...

Salwar Kameez and Churidar Kurta - The Major Difference
13 October, 2010- Salwar Kameez is the much preferred and traditional attire for women folks in Indian Subcontinent. Popularly known as the Indian suit or Pakistani Suit, a set of Salwar Kameez normally constitutes of a tunic called Kameez, a baggy trousers called Salwar and normally a matching stole...

Salwar Kameez Tips & Advice
28 September 2010- Salwar Kameez started as an alternative dress form in Kashmir and Punjab, it has grown in popularity all over India and in all the Muslim countries of the world, especially with younger women. With...

Salwar Kameez Designs for Fat Women-Plus Size Salwar Kameez Designs
20 July 2010- Salwar kameez today is considered for the formal wearing also because of its unique pattern, style and comfort. It is so stitched that salwar kameez acquires the structure of every figure exactly and perfectly that no other dress can do. Perfect salwar kameez designs for fat women can make you look...

How to Use Old Sarees? - Ideas for Recycled Clothing & Gifts
15 June 2010- Indian fashion is incomplete without sarees. In fact, sari is the basic fashion concept of India since ages. It is, therefore, obvious that each and every woman here has got a treasure of sarees (from very traditional to ultra mod women- all of them have sarees in their wardrobe!) And the number...

Summer Wedding Dress for Indian Brides & Guests
28 May 2010- Indian wedding dresses for brides- as well as the guests who attend the wedding- have always been 'lavish and glamorous'! And why should it not be? After all wedding dresses are the focal point of any wedding.

Saree Blouse Designs for Plus Size Women
19 April 2010- This is a common saying among the Indian women that a saree blouse design is the crucial factor for bringing out the beauty of any saree. This is perhaps the reason why they have all types of matching blouses to wear with each and every saree in their wardrobe.

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Begins sans Celebrity Showstoppers!
March 26, 2010- The Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week that was to begin on 24th March 2010 and which could not be started due to the lack of a fire safety permit, at last kicked off a day later on March 25, 2010.

Churidar Kurta Designs to Look Slim!
March 9, 2010- Churidar kurta has now been accepted as a formal dress by the Indian women for all occasions. Along with the comfort and style of wearing a churidar kurta, it has proved itself to be fit for the figure and...

Green Clothing for Indian Women- Eco Friendly Fashion Trends
Green living is now 'a no new topic.' Everyone's talking about it and most of them are actually contributing towards making our planet some more eco friendly. Green clothing is now...

Latest Churidar Designs- Trends for Comfort and Style
Indian women have accepted salwar kameez for various reasons. The first among these reasons is the comfort granted by traditional salwar suits. However, there are certain limitations with the traditional salwar- just with the lower garment meant for covering legs.

Latest Saree Fashion Trends- New Off Beat Sarees
New generation fashon designers know the obsession of Indian women with sarees. However, they are also a little worried about young women of India who just make a distance from sarees due to the so called troublesome techniques of wearing saree.

Anarkali Churidar Suits – Latest Designs of Today's Hot Women Wear
Who can ever forget the legendary historical character Anarkali? This court dancer of the Mughal emperor Akbar and the love of his famous son Salim used to perform her dances in a typical dress that resembled plain umbrella patterned skirts

Churidar Kurta Neck Designs- Latest Trends
Churidar Kurta has become the norm of today's Indian fashion. As always, this trendy avatar of the traditional salwar suit is most liked by the young generation.

Plus Size Christmas Fashion for Chubby Women
Merry making is not too far away. Christmas is the next festival- for being happy, for enjoying holidays, for being with family and for looking gorgeous!

Latest Saree Blouse Designs
An Indian woman knows it very well that blouse can make or mar the looks of a gorgeous saree. As such, they are more than simply cautious about their blouse style.

Pre Stitched Sarees- Changing Trends of Indian Fashion
Indian woman has always been fashionable though in simplest forms.

Why Silk Bridal Lehengas are Liked by All?
Bridal fashion remains incomplete without the royal touch of the sensuous fabric in the form of silk lehengas.

Tips on Selecting Fabric for Your Bridal Lehenga
The Indian bride is the center of attraction in all the Indian weddings. As per traditions, the brides of India wear richly worked upon bridal wear.

Tips on Wearing Fashion Accessories With Saree
A saree is a great Indian wear. There are many Indian sarees that are worn as daily wear and on special occasions.

How to Care for Sarees?
Sarees are indeed a prized possession for any Indian woman.

Buy Fabulous Dresses for Her Diwali Gift
She is an important part of your life. She is there for you at all times- good times and bad times. You love her.

Salwar Kameez Styles For New Brides
India is a country whose women find one or the other excuse for wearing attractive clothes.

What Saree to Wear For Your Body Type?
Saree is a beautiful clothing and with all those different types of sarees, you have got a plenty of options to choose from.

Top 5 Fashion Designers for Indian Women Clothing
Here is an account of the top 5 Indian fashion designers who have given Indian women clothing new heights through their creativity and innovation.

How to Drape Saree in Different Ways
Saree can be draped in as many styles as there are types of Indian sarees.

Celebrate Navratri with Trendy Chaniya Choli
Festive season has finally arrived! Although everyone waits for all the festivals

Gift Her a Karwa Chauth Special Clothing
though fashion blogs, especially, the women fashion blogs are browsed mostly by women, but on some festivals and special occasions, these are searched for by men too.

What's There in Salwar Kameez?
This extremely graceful Indian clothing calledsalwar kameez is a great thing that happened to Indian women.

Indian Fashion Industry - Latest Fashion Trends 2009
Fashion women- the two inseparable terms! In fact, fashion and women are incomplete without each other and this is no less in India- the land of various traditional fashion clothes.

Buying Guide for Indian Saree
Sari has been and still is an essential part of the wardrobe of any Indian woman. Women of India have adopted many foreign clothing.

Bridal Wears of Indian Regions
Wedding is the most memorable event of one's life. Indian Brides represent this idea most lavishly.

Indian Bridal Dresses- Trends 2009!
If someone gets to see the marvel of Indian wedding, it all culminates in bridal wear.
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