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Gypsy/Banjara Skirts

Wonderfully old, 40-50 years, Banjara or gypsy skirt, originally from Gujarat/Rajasthan, India, used to reflect the romantic aura and the free spirit of the Lambadas or the Banjaras or the Gypsies as they are variously called. Today, the Gypsy skirts is the current fashion having gorgeous colours with lots of flowing fabric. These skirts are the traditional skirts having a kind of ghagra or a circular or a flared look and are preferred by young girls as a party or formal wear. These skirts are pleated with a comfortable elactic waist and are full length skirts.
These skirts always have the ethnic look because they are always embroidered with nice mirror work all over or on the bottom of skirt. The advantage of this skirt is that it can be accessorised with dupattas, scarves, short kurtas and little strappy tops. It is like the Rajasthani lehenga - the more accessories you add, you can get the gypsy look and if you wear it with a scarf, the look turns formal. It looks good on almost everyone, which perhaps explains why it is in such hot demand. Gypsy-style dancers use this style of skirt, which lends itself to swishing and swirling movements.

Banjara skirts, with excessive mirror work and pleasing colour combinations, perfectly balanced and blended, is a treat to the eyes. The choli and the skirt intricately embroidered with beads and shells, attract the attention of many a foreigner. Such is the beauty and variety of Banjara works of art specifically on garments that it has captured the imagination of the fashion world.

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