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Wrap-around Skirt

There is another type of skirt called the wrap-around skirt preferred by Indian women. This is a skirt which consists of a single piece of fabric cut so that it is open along a line from waist to hem and which can be fastened about the body by wrapping it around the waist and then securing the opening in a variety of ways, for example, with a zipper, or with buttons, clasps, snaps, buckles, etc.

Wrap-around skirts are available in variety of fabrics and colour combination and designs. The fabric is soft and elegant and can be worn out for fun or for an evening affair. The most popular demand is the Jaipuri printed wrap-around skirts. These Jaipuri prints can be hand block, tie and dye and vegetable prints. Flowery prints, paisely design print, geometrical, abstract prints, ornamental designs, polka dots, stripes, checks are also common designs on wrap-around skirts. There are also plain self coloured wrap-around skirts.

Originally popular among young ladies in the North Eastern States of India like Meghalaya and Manipur, these wrap-around skirts have gained popularity in others states of India as well. Because of comfortability and easy wearing, wrap-around skirts are preferred a lot by young girls for daily and casual wear.

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