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The Beauty of Kanjeevaram Sarees

10 October 2010- Kanjeevaram silk sarees or Kanchipuram silk sarees have always maintained their style and grandeur. Named after Kanchipuram, a small town situated near the Bangalore city of South India, where the craftsmen of this town create this wonderful creation, kanjeevaram sarees have today captured the hearts of the Western World as well. The silk which is used in the making of these sarees is highly durable and is creating waves in the fashion world. The bold and bright colors, the use of numerous colored threads, elaborate zari work, the artistic design of the borders and the "pallu", artistic weaving work in the body with silver, gold threads, elaborate motif designs based on epics like Mahabharat, Ramayana, temples, paintings, sceneries have indeed made the Kanjeevaram sarees an exquisite creation of art .

These sarees are suitable for all ages. For elderly women, the sarees enhance their natural dignity, for the middle-aged women, the kanjeevaram sarees are worn with self-assurance and poise and for the young beauties, the sarees display a feminine grace that is highly alluring. Kanchipuram saree is a part of the cultural heritage of India and has slowly made its foray into the Western wardrobe. Check out the beautiful images of Kanjeevaram Sarees.

The Beauty of Kanjeevaram Sarees The Beauty of Kanjivaram Sarees
Kanjeevaram Sarees Kanchipuram Sarees
Kanjeevaram Sarees The Beauty of Kanchipuram Sarees
Kanjivaram saree Kanjeevaram Saree
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