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Sikh Wearing

The traditional dress of Sikh Women is that worn by the Northern Indians i.e. the Punjabis, which is the Salwar Kameez for women and Kurta Pyjama for men.

Many Sikh women in India adopt a dual wardrobe containing both Western dress i.e. trousers with matching top/suit as well as donning the traditional dress. It is sometimes the practice in certain households that women reserve the western dress for work/office/college, and once at home adhere to the more traditional form of attire.

During wedding, a Sikh lady wears her bridal attire, which is a heavily embroidered salwar kameez or lehenga chunni. She wears a tikka (a hair ornament) in the parting of her hair and a nath (nose-ring) on her nose. The other jewels that Sikh brides wear include chaunk- a round head ornament made of gold or silver, kaintha - a gold necklace (like a choker), thick bangles called gokhru and pajeb or silver anklets. It is customary for every Sikh woman to cover her head with a dupatta or a chunri in any religious occasions.

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