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State Wise Variations of Wearing a Saree

Various states of India have different ways of wearing a saree. For example:

Gujarati Style
The Gujarati style of wearing a saree requires the pallu to be draped in the front rather than over the shoulder. Sarees with eye-catching magnificent pallus are best worn in this style.

Bengali Style
The Bengali style of wearing a saree has no pleats and is elegantly draped around the body and the pallu has a bunch of keys that falls over the shoulder.

Coorgi Style
The Coorgi style of Karnataka of draping a saree involves tying the pleats in the rear instead of the front and a small portion of the pallu is placed over the shoulder.

Maharashtrian Nauvari Style
The women of Maharashtra wear a nine-yard saree called Nauvari. It is worn like a dhoti at the bottom while the upper portion is worn like a normal saree with the pallu tucked in the waist.

Gond Style
This style is found in many parts of Central India. The cloth is first draped over the left shoulder, then arranged to cover the body.

Nivi Style
The Nivi style originated in Andhra Pradesh. But this is the style of sari draping which is extremely popular in India and is worn by a majority of Indian ladies.

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