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The Traditional Indian Dresses and Their Beauty!

Today’s Indian fashion industry is taking back the fashion trends of the past once again! Looking precisely, the traditional Indian outfits of the bygone era have started taking the prominence again. Today the fashion world is spending profligately on clothing like the royal Maharajas and Ranis who wore expensive jewelleries and clothes in past. The fashion designers of the contemporary world are finding new fashion trends in designing ethnic clothes, which remind us of our culture and traditions of the magnificent past. Let’s talk about some of the traditional Indian ethnic clothing:


Men in India love to wear dhoti kurta on different occasions. Unlike other stitched dresses, it is a piece of cloth generally 5 yards in length and is tied around the legs and waist. It has to be tied with a knot on the waist. At different places in India it is known with different names. People call it Dhuti in Bangla and Laacha in Punjabi.


It is an old Indian traditional cloth wore by men. It is long loose shirt like clothing which goes just below the knees of the one who wears it. Previously only men used to wear Kurtas but nowadays both men and women, wear it to flaunt their style.

Salwar Kameez

Salwar kameez is exclusively worn by Women in India. It is considered to be one of the most of preferred choices of all the dresses worn by woman in India on various occasions. Sometimes it is also referred to as to as Punjabi suit, because of its great recognition in Punjab. This magnificent attire has been in fashion in India for last many years and is not new. On various religious occasions women find it auspicious to wear salwar-Kameez. Furthermore, there are various styles of suits available in India which includes chudidar, Patiala and many more. Patiala suit is specifically worn by women in Punjab.

Indian Sari

Sari is one of the most brilliant dresses worn by Indian women. In fact, wearing sari symbolises a typical Indian woman and the Indian culture. In India on the most special occasion of a woman’s life she has to wear sari, which makes look the bride more beautiful. From last many centuries saris have been the most loved clothing of many Indian women. A married woman looks complete in India with solah Shringar, including sari, kajal, bindi, chudi etc.


Same as bride is incomplete without a sari a groom looks incomplete without a sherwani. It is a long kurta like coat which resembles achkan. Its goes usually below the knees and has buttons upto the collar from the knees. It adds grace and charm to the smartness of men. In India men spend extravagantly on buying sherwani on special occasions specially their wedding.


Many men in India could be found wearing turban. The people from Sikh community specially cannot be found without clothes. They are bound by their religion to wear turban. A turban is cap like clothing which is formed by making folds of a piece of an unstitched cloth which is wrapped all around the head. It generally is not worn in India for the sake of fashion but it has its religious significance.


Women in Rajasthan and various other places in India wear a pleated highly decorated skirt called as Ghaghara along with a choli, which together is called a Lehanga. To add to its beauty further a dupatta is added. The Ghaghara is tied to the waist and goes to the toes.

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